What's this site all about?

“Action is commonplace, right action is not. As a discipline, it’s not any kind of action that will do, but directed action. Everything must be done in the service of the whole. Step by step, action by action, we’ll dismantle the obstacles in front of us.” – The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday


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We can do better.

If you are someone that wants better results for your business then you have to be one degree better than your competition. Just one degree.

The problem is we all think and act like we have to have everything buttoned up like George Clooney always appears to be. That sort of thinking is a mirage to distract us from the real issues.

We are lazy. We are procrastinators. We are distracted easily.

It’s time to take back your day by setting priorities and focusing on them. The good news is lots of people have figured it out. But sadly most of those people are not in marketing.

So this site is here to help you and I find the insights and habits that can help us become higher performing marketers.

We will take apart the day of a consistently high performer from many different walks of life. Then we will find out how to apply that to our marketing plans, our goal building, and our time management.

There will always be a point. We will always circle back to marketing – because that’s who you are.

So listen to the podcast and check out resources on the blog. Then let me know what else you struggle with in your day to day marketing life.

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