The Agent Era - Dennis Mortensen - Episode 23

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We now live in a time when technology can do redundant tasks that used to belong to humans. This is a good thing. Today I talk with Dennis Mortensen of X.AI about what the era of the agent is going to look like for marketers.


“We will hire in the future based on your experience and knowledge of agents, not your resume. “



Have you ever checked into a hotel and wanted something to drink? Is the first thing you think “I’ll download the Hyatt app, login and create preferences, turn on my smartphone location, and search for local places to get a Coke?”

Wouldn’t it be great if you could open up text and send a message that says send up a Coke to room 1312?

That is the agent world. Many things in our world are becoming more convenient and available with technology. Dennis Mortensen and his team at X.AI want to help you use that technology to be a more effective business person.

World Class at One Thing

Have you noticed that the more things you have on your plate, the less effective you become at any of them? It is a struggle in today’s open menu of information and opportunity to get distracted by ideas and day to day activities. Dennis thought they could take some of those everyday things off people’s minds to help them be better at their jobs.

Taking it one step further, X.AI want to go really deep into the agent industry and be the best at helping you reduce redundant tasks. Which begs the question – what is the one thing you are trying to become world class at?

Have a System

Awesome ideas for new features and extra revenue streams will pop into Dennis’ head at the most random times. He takes notes about all these random thoughts for two big reasons.

First off it’s at those random times that we come up with some of the coolest stuff. Even if it’s not something you are currently working on it’s worth capturing those inspirations for the second reason.

Clearing out your head is a must. When you leave the ideas “uncaptured” then your brain continues to spin on them and take away from your current project. Don’t let your creativity take away from your success!

Do Tomorrow

I love this part in the interview because it’s never just one thing. Try out any artificial intelligence agent (like X.AI) that you want. Getting familiar with this mentality is going to be the way future business is run. And next, make sure to


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