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Hessie and AI


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Hessie Jones worked for years in social media to better understand what customers thought about brands through listening. As more and more data started populating in real time, she saw a huge gap in how hard it was for people to keep up.

That started her journey deeper into artificial intelligence (AI). She is now focused full time at on helping companies discover the benefits of AI in there workflows to improve productivity, revenue and overall effectiveness.


“Behavior is a strong indicator of sentiment. But we can’t keep up with it all right now.”


What are current challenges?

There is a level of pushback on machines and intelligence in the marketplace. People have attached to the notion that robots will take over all our jobs and displace everyone. So it’s important to help people understand that AI will help augment people’s current workflow, not replace it.

Once people understand that, it will help them spend more time on the things they love about their work more often!

How does AI help business? founder dennis mortensen

We are all trying to concentrate on the things that move the needle. If we could have the remedial tasks removed from our plate then most people would get back 15-20% of their day.

A great early example in #AI is the scheduling app, affectionately referred to as ‘Amy’. 

Business development professionals and executives can realistically get hours back in their week to concentrate on preparing for meetings or filtering for more prospects. 

The possibilities are endless.

Personal Benefits.

AI really is just bringing you lots more horesepower. The thing that will provide most for us is personal convenience. Perhaps the best known version right now is the self driving car. For those that commute this technology can give people back hours a day!

So Where Do We Start With AI?

The best applications of AI always start with an issue you need help solving.

  • Is there something a process I would like sped up?
  • Is there data you wish you could get?
  • Are there correlations or trends you just don’t have time to dig for?

Problem solving allows you to train a machine and measure results. The important part to remember is that you need lots of data for AI to be the most effective. The more volume your give it, the better it gets at correlation and prediction.

A common misconception is using Business Intelligence and AI interchangeable. One version starts with a hypothesis and looks for evidence. The other starts with un biased data, and comes back with neutral observations. Clearly the second is a more effective and reliable process!

One Thing

The biggest thing we can do moving forward is to understand how AI is a helper. Education for your company is key. If everyone takes a little time to better understand how AI solves problems, then we will all get better results sooner!



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