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Episode 4: Sales Productivity


Today I talked with business development extraordinaire Timothy Smith. Tim is a multi-media baby and spent the better part of the 90s and 00s breaking ground with large agencies and his own company, helping businesses tell better stories with media. His passion is helping people find better ways to communicate with their customers and internal teams […]

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Five Minute Friday – 100 Strokes


[podcast src=”” height=”90″ width=”450″]   Summary Welcome to the ‘Five Minute Friday’ segment. One of the main things I gleaned with my talk this week with Joe Jacobi was concentrating on one movement at a time. Joe talked about having over 100 strokes he can use to get himself down a whitewater canoe course. He said the ability to […]

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Episode 3: One Hundred Concepts


This week I talked with Joe Jacobi the Olympic gold medalist in slalom canoeing from the 1992 Madrid Olympic games.  Among a string of whitewater and canoe championships, he was named ‘paddler of the century’ in 2000 by Paddler Magazine.  What can an elite paddler teach you about productivity in business? A heck of a lot. […]

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Five Minute Friday – Small goals


[podcast src=”” height=”90″ width=”450″]   Welcome to my first ‘Five Minute Friday’ segment. One of the main things I pulled from my interview this week with Kim Berges was breaking down large accomplishment goals down into daily actionable steps. I ran into a couple challenges. Listen to find out how I got around them.   […]

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Episode 2: Mindset and Mastery

Kimberly Berges

Today we talk with entrepreneur and performance enthusiast Kim Berges. Discussion ranges from goal setting, to motivation to The Rock, Dwayne Johnson. Find out how Kim has successfully structured her day to sell real estate in central america to winning shows in natural body building. Sorry for some audio garble that showed up randomly in […]

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Episode 1: The Discipline of an Olympian


  This is the first official episode of the Productive POV Podcast. My goal every week is to interview an individual who is creating waves in their own sphere of influence, and Karlton certainly meets that criteria! Karlton is a 46 year old athlete who is striving to make the 2016 RIO Olympics in the […]

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Marketing Fuel


Why is it that some marketing plans never leave the starting line? Why do some plans randomly plateau after lots of hard work? Why hasn’t your marketing plan grown like you expected? Fuel. To be productive in marketing you need the right fuel. Every high performance engine requires high octane, specially formulated fuel to run […]

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What is Productive?


Starting a podcast about being productive has a lot of built in landmines. There is a lot to compete with in the market, there is already a lot of good information available, and it’s been around a long time. Despite all those challenges many people still really don’t know how to be productive. I believe […]

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Marketing Tools


Do marketing tools get in the way or help? The answer is yes…they can do both. Tools are only as good as the people using them. In my search engine optimization (SEO) background you could have 3 people use the same keyword tool to find popular search terms. The results you got from the keyword […]

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Process for Progress


The road to results is lined with discipline. All along the way we run into opportunities to leave the process we know works, or become distracted by shiny objects to throw us off path completely. It’s no secret that a disciplined process that is laid on top of a thought out marketing strategy is a […]

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