Episode 11: Plan for Distraction – Susan McAllister


The guest on our show this week is head of marketing for continuing education at a major university in Dallas, Tx – Southern Methodist University. Susan is also an entrepreneur with glider business that grew out of her and her husband’s flying hobby. In our chat this week she had a couple really great insights on […]

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Top 10 Productivity Insights From My First 10 Episodes

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The goal of my first ten episodes on the productive point of view podcast was to talk with people in all walks of life that had a successful mindset around productivity. From business development people, to business owners, to Olympic athlete, I wanted to get a pulse on productivity.The journey turned out to be a great […]

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Episode 10: Spend to Earn – Tyler Nelson


The guest on our show this week is entrepreneur and Amazon seller Tyler Nelson. Tyler has a unique lifestyle that allows him to spend time at home or on the road and continue to run a business. The amazing thing about what he does is, what many people do as a way to spend their paychecks, he uses […]

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Episode 9: Planning for Success – Josh Peak


The guest on our show this week is Digital Agency owner Josh Peak. Josh is a entrepreneur that loves to dig in with clients and help them see success. With a background in athletics and kids that wrestle, he has a passion for discipline in the path to success.   “I have 4 things to […]

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Episode 8: Asking Better Questions – Krista Kotrla


This week I had the pleasure of speaking with Vice President of Marketing at Block Imaging, Krista Kotrla. She is passionate about communication, content and asking great questions of those around us to do more meaningful work each day. The cool thing about Krista is that she not only does a great job communicating how her days […]

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Five Minute Friday: One Thing – Paul Kostial


Telling an idea minded entrepreneur to only focus on one thing is like kryptonite. “How am I supposed to just turn off all these ideas? Well that’s how I felt this week after talking with Paul Kostial, who is an ultra focused guy. So I swallowed the urge to chalk the episode up to a great […]

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Episode 7: One Thing – Paul Kostial


I spoke with Paul Kostial, the President of Audience Innovation.com. Paul spends his time and energy creating awesome and effective marketing campaigns for magazine covers. He has a very specific focus around this medium because he knows it works well. This is great insight to a concept he believes many over look. “Focus on one thing to be great […]

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