Marketing Tools


Do marketing tools get in the way or help? The answer is yes…they can do both. Tools are only as good as the people using them. In my search engine optimization (SEO) background you could have 3 people use the same keyword tool to find popular search terms. The results you got from the keyword […]

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Process for Gain


The road to results is lined with discipline. All along the way we run into opportunities to leave the process we know works, or become distracted by shiny objects to throw us off path completely. It’s no secret that a disciplined process that is laid on top of a thought out marketing strategy is a […]

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Marketing Strategy


Most people who work on marketing strategy fall into three camps. They skip it altogether They breeze through it quickly to get to implementation faster They start with a good strategy but veer off course when they hit a bump in the road All three courses of action lead to the same end result. Failure. […]

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