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Waves – Tanner Johnston – Episode 27

Waves – Tanner Johnston – Episode 27   Rather Listen to the Episode?     Summary Tanner is a swiss army knife of online media. He loves to create ‘Edutainment’ for evergreen subject matters. You can create higher quality production and spend a little more money, but it lasts for more than this years budget! […]

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Jerry Springer EDU – Reena Friedman Watts – Episode 26

Reena Pic

Jerry Springer EDU – Reena Friedman Watts – Episode 26   Rather listen to the episode? Often the best advice comes in the form of elementary school lessons. Taking the time to slow down and listen has been a big booster for Reena Friedman Watts. She knows that all the time she spent listening to […]

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The Idea Guy – Eli Hochberg – Episode 25

Th Idea Guy

The Idea Guy -Eli Hochberg – Episode 25   Rather listen to the episode? Often the biggest opportunities to create more leverage and revenue in business is just by stopping. Stop doing stupid things. Stop doing low priority things, and ideally stop doing low income things. That’s what I talk about with Eli Hochberg today. […]

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Video on Steriods – Jason Croft – Episode 24

The Jason Croft Headshot

Video on Steriods – Jason Croft – Episode 24   Rather listen to the episode? We live in a world of video and multimedia at your fingertips. With technology being as cheap and accessible as ever, there is very little excuse not to get your team involved. Especially when our guest today Jason Croft thinks: […]

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The Agent Era – Dennis Mortensen – Episode 23


The Agent Era – Dennis Mortensen – Episode 23 Rather listen to the episode? We now live in a time when technology can do redundant tasks that used to belong to humans. This is a good thing. Today I talk with Dennis Mortensen of X.AI about what the era of the agent is going to look […]

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Clarity and Confidence – Joey Chandler– Episode 22


Clarity and Confidence – Joey Chandler – Episode 22 Rather listen to the episode? Joey Chandler has turned over a new leaf in his life. After five years hearing people give praise and encouragement to others, it rubbed off on him. He started to understand how clarity and confidence drove to do things he thought were […]

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AI is here to help! – Hessie Jones – Episode 21

Hessie and AI

AI is Here to Help! – Hessie Jones – Episode 21  Listen to the episode! Summary Hessie Jones worked for years in social media to better understand what customers thought about brands through listening. As more and more data started populating in real time, she saw a huge gap in how hard it was for people to […]

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More Revenue, Less Anxiety – Dan Shure – Episode 20

evolving seo dan

More Revenue, Less Anxiety – Dan Shure – Episode 20 Rather listen to the episode? Summary Dan Shure is an excellent SEO consultant. Recently we crossed path on and he had a nice long post about how he was revisiting the way he ran his business. He was really transparent with matching up his skills […]

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Episode 19: Everyone Hates Marketers – Louis Grenier

Louis G

Episode 19: Everyone Hates Marketers – Louis Grenier Rather listen to the episode? Summary Do you get frustrated as a customer always being treated like a transaction instead of a person? Today I speak with Louis Grenier, who is the host of the podcast ‘Everyone Hates Marketers’. Somewhere along the way most of us get tired […]

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Episode 18: Video Influence – Kyle Trafton

Video with Kyle

Episode 18: Video Influence – Kyle Trafton Rather listen to the episode? Summary Video is no doubt the MOST effective way to share your thoughts and personal brand message. The people that lead the way in this medium is easily the entertainment industry. Specifically Music artists have taken the lead in sharing who they are and what they […]

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