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Episode 14: A Productive Launch – Alex Moss

Alex with kiddo

Today I spoke with entrepreneur, video producer and owner of, Alex Moss. In our time we talked about taming the chaos of life in the workday of a business owner. Alex was smack dab in the middle of starting a software solution when sickness hit his family right between the eyes. We discussed how he pulled through, […]

Episode 13: Sales vs Marketing – John Hill


Today I spoke with partner and head of business development for, John Hill about how his reliance on habits and technology can make him more effective. In our chat we talked specifically around how to make effective decisions when reviewing your effectiveness at the beginning and end of each day through different exercises like journaling and vision […]

Five Minute Friday: The Search for Growth – Nate Plaunt

Five Minute Fridays

[podcast src=”” height=”90″ width=”450″]   After my talk with Sr Search Strategist Nate Plaunt this week, I decided to address a crack in our agency’s SEO strategy. The interesting thing is that it’s not the tool that was the magic. Like many of my discoveries to this point, it is more about what you put […]

Episode 12: The Search for Growth – Nate Plaunt


The guest on our show this week a friend of mine from past agency life Nate Plaunt. Nathan is a senior strategist for Three Deep Marketing and leads a team in organic and paid search campaigns. In our chat we talked specifically around how to make effective decisions when creating SEO strategy. There is so you can […]

Five Minute Friday: “Plan For Distraction” – Susan McAllister


[podcast src=”” height=”90″ width=”450″]   I talked with one of my favorite marketing people in D/FW – Susan McAllister this week. She always has great ideas on how to turn things on their head and work a new way. This week I was blown away by a simple combination of two concepts she is using […]

Episode 11: Plan for Distraction – Susan McAllister


The guest on our show this week is head of marketing for continuing education at a major university in Dallas, Tx – Southern Methodist University. Susan is also an entrepreneur with glider business that grew out of her and her husband’s flying hobby. In our chat this week she had a couple really great insights on […]

Top 10 Productivity Insights From My First 10 Episodes

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The goal of my first ten episodes on the productive point of view podcast was to talk with people in all walks of life that had a successful mindset around productivity. From business development people, to business owners, to Olympic athlete, I wanted to get a pulse on productivity.The journey turned out to be a great […]

Five Minute Friday: “Spend to Earn” – Tyler Nelson


[podcast src=”” height=”90″ width=”450″]   I talked with Tyler Nelson about how he needs to spend money to make money in his arbitrage business model. That’s a cool concept when you apply it to money, but how can spending more earn us more in the marketing role? Three concepts came to mind when I was […]

Episode 10: Spend to Earn – Tyler Nelson


The guest on our show this week is entrepreneur and Amazon seller Tyler Nelson. Tyler has a unique lifestyle that allows him to spend time at home or on the road and continue to run a business. The amazing thing about what he does is, what many people do as a way to spend their paychecks, he uses […]

Five Minute Friday: “Discipline” – Josh Peak


[podcast src=”” height=”90″ width=”450″] Discipline is hard. We all know it will take us towards a successful outcome if we stick with it. So why is it so hard to stick with it? A few thoughts and a poll for you to answer. Please take 10 seconds to answer what your biggest roadblack to staying […]