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Productivity Hack: The Gym Shower

Do you get as annoyed as I do with sweating after a workout is done?….even after you’ve showered?So I did some research and testing myself to find out what will cool you off quickly. Mainly because I was tired of looking like I got caught in a rain storm when presenting in front of clients….and […]

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The Linchpin in Creating Your Most Productive Day


​There are two big titans we fight when it comes to being more productive:Distraction and Fear.Fear is a big subject that I won’t cover in depth here, but it is a given for most. We know different types of fear can screech us to a dead stop at any point of our day.Fear of: Success, […]

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Top 10 Productivity Insights From My First 10 Episodes

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The goal of my first ten episodes on the productive point of view podcast was to talk with people in all walks of life that had a successful mindset around productivity. From business development people, to business owners, to Olympic athlete, I wanted to get a pulse on productivity.The journey turned out to be a great […]

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What is Productive?


Starting a podcast about being productive has a lot of built in landmines. There is a lot to compete with in the market, there is already a lot of good information available, and it’s been around a long time. Despite all those challenges many people still really don’t know how to be productive. I believe […]

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