Clarity and Confidence - Joey Chandler - Episode 22

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Joey Chandler has turned over a new leaf in his life. After five years hearing people give praise and encouragement to others, it rubbed off on him. He started to understand how clarity and confidence drove to do things he thought were crazy before. He realized that if you could appreciate himself for his own strengths then he could serve others much better.


“Anything your think you need to be, you have already been. “



Joey wakes up with a clear mission now for his day. Before he used to ‘go to work’, but now he is on a mission to raise the level of appreciation in the the world around him. 

This new outlook has not only sprung up new business opportunities, but combined a lot of his efforts into a brand! There are two main things he learned over the last five years that he know can help you in whatever marketing or business role you stand in today.

Be clear on your strengths

After years of hearing people share what they appreciate about each other, “it hit me like a ton of bricks”, Joey said. We look right past the traits that people love and know us for, because it comes so naturally.

Instead on understanding and focusing on those one or two obvious things, we often try to become something else that looks attractive. If we would listen to what others truly think we are marvelous at, that would become our greatest strength.

Excel with new confidence

True confidence comes from the belief that you are made up of the things to accomplish something. Once you attach to the trait that comes so natural as a vocational tool, you become unstoppable. 

“It’a not about becoming this thing you see in others, it’s about fanning what is already strong in you”

You will accomplish so much more by channeling the thing that drives you naturally into a new direction with purpose.


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