Creative Destruction - Amy Buttell - Episode 29


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We are all in an over committed state these days. Likely the best thing we can do is tear down what we are doing to the studs. That is how we understand what works and be WAY more effective.

“If I think something is boring then it means it’s not my problem”


No boring industries

If you take the time to understand a group of people and why they are frustrated, then you have passed the boring and moved into relationship building.

And if you are focused on the content itself providing your joy, then you may have missed the point.

If something is boring to me then I don’t need it, but if I DO need it then it becomes the most interesting thing I’ve heard all day!

This is where your customer is coming from. That’s how you measure if you are writing content that connects.

Narrow Targets

The more narrow I am in my writing, the more money I make, the happier my customers are – the happier my customer’s customers are!


“I am my own biggest distraction. The only times I really create things to procrastinate is when I don’t want to do my job – and that’s a problem!”

It’s easy to blame external distractions when the problem is really just you.

  • Do you not like the client?
  • Do you not like the work you are doing?
  • Do have personal issue you just need to get handled?
  • Why don’t I want to do this work..really?


Don’t Fight Reality

There is just so much traffic and now I’m going to be late. There shouldn’t be THIS MUCH TRAFFIC!

Why spend half your day fighting  reality?

‘I should have gotten more done today’ – well you didn’t! Get over it!

Just take what life gives you and find a better use for what comes at you then complaining.

One Thing

Know who you are talking to, what you are working towards and keep it simple!


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