Episode 1: The Discipline of an Olympian


This is the first official episode of the Productive POV Podcast. My goal every week is to interview an individual who is creating waves in their own sphere of influence, and Karlton certainly meets that criteria!

Karlton is a 46 year old athlete who is striving to make the 2016 RIO Olympics in the 800m run. His amazing persistence and discipline have allowed him to make it this far, and translate well into his fitness business as well.

Check out the episode summary below to see the highlights if you don’t have time to listen to our 25 minutes together. I’ve also listed the resources mentioned, and where you can find them below.

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“Time is like money. Where you spend it is where you end up with results. If you don’t like your results, reallocate your time tomorrow”


How Do you apply discipline in your business days?

Often successful people have very defined if not strict routines in the mornings to prepare for the day. This is no different for a track star. We find out Karlton’s routine and why it helps him accomplish more in the day.

What is productivity according to Karlton Meadows?

Everyone has a little different spin on what productivity looks like to them. To an athlete it is almost always attached to reaching a goal. Karlton talks about forward motion being different than getting results.


What challenges do you find difficult to overcome?

I love to talk about failures with productive people because it sounds so much different than most people’s point of view. The ability to learn from a challenge helps people move forward.

What is the one thing you could tell people on how to improve their personal discipline?

What can you learn from an elite athlete to apply to your business marketing today? We discuss clarity of your goals and time…


Resources Discussed:Business_40 Agenda

Brendon Burchard – High Performance Academy

Karlton’s Fitness Business –MajesticBalance.com



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