Episode 12: The Search for Growth – Nate Plaunt

The guest on our show this week a friend of mine from past agency life Nate Plaunt. Nathan is a senior strategist for Three Deep Marketing and leads a team in organic and paid search campaigns.

In our chat we talked specifically around how to make effective decisions when creating SEO strategy. There is so you can do when starting a search engine marketing campaign, so Nate told us where to jump in first.


“Build out a plan based on an audit and work down the list by priority. It keeps you on task, and makes measuring results and communication really easy to lock into.”



What is productive to you?

Productive to me means movement forward on the plan. Seeing something start to finish is tough because search can be a longterm process. Movement requires proper setup, whether it’s your goals or your website – it has to be setup properly.

nate-p_32. How do you stay focused on your path to results on a day to day basis?

Doing an assessment or audit in client projects lays groundwork for a production roadmap to keep everyone on task. Things like priorities, levels of effort, and next milestones.

3. When challenges arise (distraction, change, confidence) how do you deal with it?

Bureaucracy can be a huge block – getting all the information up from to know why the answer is no or not now. Give yourself boundaries so you can excel inside them. Decision makers giving you buy off are important of course.

Don’t get to granular in your focus. It’s important to step back and make sure you are working in the right sandbox based on how things respond.

4. Who keeps you accountable?

We have a really agile approach to running the agency, so we are using a scrum/sprint style accountability model that takes 30 minutes everyday.

From search daily work perspective, it takes producing some sort of result to measure against that is not just ROI. You need a system to measure against, and that will get you to the results.

5. What’s the one thing you would tell the listener to do tomorrow if they could only pick one?

For you personal productivity I like batching processes like emails and turning off notifications.

For search, start with and assessment of where your website is and do a  30 minute SEO checkup


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