Episode 13: Sales vs Marketing – John Hill

Today I spoke with partner and head of business development for IronEgg.com, John Hill about how his reliance on habits and technology can make him more effective.

In our chat we talked specifically around how to make effective decisions when reviewing your effectiveness at the beginning and end of each day through different exercises like journaling and vision casting.


“Emptying the trash out of your head daily is one of the most effective things I’ve learned over the last couple of years as a business person.”



What is productive to you?

Productive to me means movement forward on the plan. Seeing something start to finish is tough because search can be a longterm process. Movement requires proper setup, whether it’s your goals or your website – it has to be setup properly.


How do stay focused on your path to results on a day to day basis?

Journaling helps me with some app forced accountability about my day. Also planning my next day the night before gives me a great  head start.

When challenges arise (distraction, change, confidence) how do you deal with it?

I do my best to create structure that automatically knocks out potential issues. One scheduling app I use to help with scheduling is calendly. If clients and potential clients can schedule their own meetings without the back and forth, you wouldn’t believe how much time that frees up!

Who keeps you accountable?

Kung Fu is a big part of my life and spending years moving up has shown me some great habits and mindsets around consistency. I also love to teach people things I’v learned and stay on top of those skills, that is a great point of accountability.

What’s the one thing you would tell the listener to do tomorrow if they could only pick one?

Contact old clients. If you do a good job at your work, and are relational instead of salesly, calling old clients on a regular basis is a great source of leads.

Journal (get the trash out), role play everything – it’s the Kung Fu of Sales, find out what drives your business – come up with recipe to get more of it.

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