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Today I spoke with entrepreneur and salesman Maxwell Bogner. He had a refreshing take on productivity that focuses on preparing yourself mentally for the day and specific situations.

He sees a BIG gap between the current millennial group that he’s a part of, and the sales leadership that teach them. So rather than fight the friction, he has started a community to help bridge that gap.

“I just wasn’t connecting with the language from my sales leadership, and thought other people my age must feel the same way!”



What is productive to you?

Jim Valvano (Former North Carolina St Head coach) has a great quote that translates to a productive day for me. “Three things that everyone needs to do everyday are these – Laugh, Think, and Cry”

I love this because it means that I’m having a meaningful conversation with people in my life, which means it’s probably a great day.

2. How do stay focused on your path to results on a day to day basis

There are just SO many distractions these days. Millenials live in distraction it seems, so it’s important to understand how to succeed in your own environment.

To get in the zone I make sure and think about all the ingredients I need for any situation to make it ultra productive. For some things its making my decisions easy when I show up, and for others it’s having all my supplies ready and equipped.

3. When challenges arise (distraction, change, confidence) how do you deal with it?

Emotional distractions are a big thing to compete with when you are in sales and marketing. We tend to get really emotionally involved with our campaigns and leads, and that can be a positive and a negative.

Everyone is different, but you have to find a way to be happy with your effort and not get so high and low with the wins and loses.

4. Who keeps you accountable?

It’s important to have good things in place at work to keep you one task, but I think it’s more important to have strong support when you go home.

I tell clients that when they hire me, they are also hiring my wife. She is such a big support in keeping me positive and on task.

5. What’s the one thing you would tell the listener to do tomorrow if they could only pick one?

Make sure you are Purpose driven. If you don’t know your purpose then it’s hard to get motivated for any day. A lot of people find their purpose then forget to work towards their purpose

Stay purpose driven.

Business_40 Agenda

Maxwell on LinkedIn – His LinkedIn Profile

It’s Not About the Shoes – Maxwell’s recent article mentioned

Start With Why – A great resource for finding purpose

Helpmeclose.com – Maxwell’s website


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