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We talk to a lot of people about productivity, but today we talk with non-profit founder John Wang, whose goal is to create a movement.

See how progress looks on a day to day basis without the standard Key Performance Indicators.

one kindness armbandProducing Happiness

John noticed when he started doing small service projects that he would look forward to them more than other everyday things he was doing. “It just produced a massive amount of happiness in my day. There is lots of great science out there that shows how this works in the brain.”

So it just turned into a movement… Onekindness.org

“We wear this bracelet we have, and once you do an act of kindness for the day then you turn it over to indicate to yourself it is done.”

It’ all about getting that high from doing something nice for someone else and passing that feeling along!”

Personally Accountable

Having a start-up is like constantly spinning plates. It can be tough to maintain focus and remember why this thing started on busy days. Simon Sinek (Start With Why)

The project is not about profit generation so it seems to create a much deeper sense of personal conviction and motivation each day that I tie my peronsal productivity and achievement to.

This funds my side kindness projects so it can be a extremely satisfying and disappointing if you let it. But much like productivity there has to be some discipline that keeps you balanced.

Keeping Focus

A Vision movie that keeps my motivated each morning. Schedule the the up time and schedule the down time. Create some separation between my work day and off time. That helps me create boundaries around what needs to be accomplished today.

I love to meditate for 5 minutes in the morning and figure out ‘What do I need to solve today?’ Is your 10 year plan lined up with your plan today. Are you aimed at that goal?

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Accountability Partners

I have one for almost every project in my life. Been doing it for 12, 13, 14 years. Didn’t know it was called an accountability partner until much later on. My friend that I

My friend that I originally started with called it ‘throwing you hat over the fence’. Wild west cowboys would throw their hat over a fence, and then they were committed to that path. And a cowboy didn’t want to lose their hat, so they always found a way across the path.

We setup little challenges for ourselves and then made the stakes ever increasing – we got stuff DONE!

The One Thing

If I had to share one thing to get more significant thigns done it would be the importance of starting your day with a moment of clarity. A morning routine, or miracle morning. Three steps: What am I grateful for? Why am I doing this? What

Here are my three questions:

What am I grateful for?

Why am I doing this?

What is the one thing I HAVE TO get done today?

Overwhelm is the language of our world today. You have to slow down and reset to stay effective.

Business_40 Agenda

OneKindness.org – Website

Articles from John’s research on Kindness:

The Unsung Benefits of Material Things: Material Purchases Provide More Frequent Momentary Happiness Than Experiential Purchases –http://bit.ly/28UTCFu

Prosocial Behavior Mitigates the Negative Effects of Stress in Everyday Life –http://bit.ly/28UVqOJ

The Mother Teresa Effect – http://bit.ly/28USRfM

Social Media

Instagram – @OneKindness

FaceBook Page – OneKindness

Twitter – One_Kindness

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