Episode 17: What Should I Blog About?


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This week we discuss the bane of anyone that has been in charge of a blog. No matter how long you have been writing content for a website you come to a point where you ask the question:

“What DO I Put on My Blog??”

You should always start with the things potential customers want to know about your product, service or offering. One of the biggest misconceptions about blogging is that you have to be funny or clever to have a good blog.

The primary function of your blog should be to draw potential customers to an answer or solution that you can provide to them on all the subjects you have expertise on!

Start with FAQs

That’s bottom of the funnel.

Your client is more or less asking you to “help me get comfortable enough to buy your product.” Does that sound like a conversation you want to have with a user on your website?

Of course!


These type of questions can come before people are ready to buy, or right before they purchase.

A great way to build trust with potential clients is to be open and honest about how you compare to your competition. IF you are willing to admit where your product is compared to others then they are more likely to trust that the rest of your claims are true.


Most people don’t know their client’s well enough to do good handling of objections. Here is a hypothetical question you should ask your question when coming up with a content strategy.

“Do I know the top 10 real objections that clients of my stuff have before buying?

If you just said to yourself, ‘Self, there are not 10 objections before purchase for my product” then you don’t know your client well enough.

Assuming you do know these subjects, then have you written about all of them at length?

Keep asking your clients questions with different wording to get to the gold.


If you spend time consistently answering questions, objections and comparisons for an extended period of time then you have gained permission to share lessons. The amazing thing about consistency on line give you a free shot to be an expert.

Human nature is to buy from the people or brand they trust can solve their problem. It’s not if they trust you personally, or even trust your website. Do they trust without a doubt you are the best option for their current crisis?

When you become an expert and people start to trust your name or brand, then revenue always follows!


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