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Video is no doubt the MOST effective way to share your thoughts and personal brand message. The people that lead the way in this medium is easily the entertainment industry. Specifically Music artists have taken the lead in sharing who they are and what they are about via video.

Today we talk with a Video influence expert from the music industry, Kyle Trafton. He give us some amazing insight to what is working well to create extremely productive You Tube channels. Then he helps us understand how to use those same concepts for whatever niche our industry is in.


“I can’t name a single social influencer who got into it for the money.”


Engagement vs Views

You may have noticed that successful content, video or not, has lots more engagement than the others around them. A big misconception is that massive amounts of views on you content will help your stuff rank highly or spread quickly.

Views are just the first step.

According to Kyle – Youtube revenue is nearly 100% watch time driven. That means I could have a video with 12,000 views in 2 weeks with and average watch time of 35 seconds, and make no progress towards bringing in a customer. Kyle on the other hand, could have 1,495 views but a watch time of 2:44, and his videos will show before mine and more often! That means if you people don’t stay tuned into your stuff, then your stuff won’t be shown very often. 

What is the best way to make sure your video drives engagement?

  1. Publish a lot of video content – that increases watch time for your channel and can give your videos a boost
  2. Test styles of videos – resonance with your audience is the first goal because that is content that gets watched


Media is Merging

The number of hours we spend watching screens is up over 10 hours per day as of 2016. This is largely due to the number of screens we have access to. The common response of people is to search for more quality content to watch.

This means we have an active audience looking to spend more of their time watching our stuff if we can just be ourselves. While the merge is not that surprising to most of us, it still catches us off guard that they might actually want to interact with us.

You can no longer get away with putting up video that says:

‘Hey it’s me, buy my stuff’


Psychology of the Consumer

We know that people love to attach themselves to groups and causes to keep up with those items easily. That means they build a profile of themselves that becomes their personal brand online. 

Video content allows you to share your authentic attitudes, beliefs and opinions as a brand for people to attach themselves to. This genuine effort to share valuable things form your unique viewpoint is what gains that valuable engagement we were discussing earlier.

The formula is not complicated, it’s typically the consistency of a brands effort that falls down. People’s psychology is not what we have to change, but our own shortcomings in connecting with it.

One Thing

Where the rubber meets the road for brands is a consistent approach in targeted communities. Kyle made sure to say

“I want to belabor this point – find a niche platform to build on today! The larger ones will still be there and worthwhile, but the niche platforms have HUGE opportunities for early adopters.”

So the two steps he recommends starting with right away are:

  1. Find a niche platform with your audience
  2. Build out exclusive content and start engaging there now

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