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Do you get frustrated as a customer always being treated like a transaction instead of a person?

Today I speak with Louis Grenier, who is the host of the podcast ‘Everyone Hates Marketers’. Somewhere along the way most of us get tired of impersonal and automated marketing techniques as a user of the internet. That’s one of the things that motived Louis to start talking with people on how to end that trend for good.


“We talk about audience, traffic, leads…instead of people.”


What does Productive mean to you?

Delivering on your plan or strategy is the simple answer. I like to think about strategy for a project and make sure I am clear on the outcome. Then if I can take steps towards that plan, then I had a productive day.

David & Goliath is an easy way to see this in action. David knew Goliath was taller and slower than he was, so his strategy was to take him down from a distance. Then he took actions to find the things that would get him to the result he wanted.

Even with distraction, he met his goal.

The Challenge – Our Short Attention Spans  

Lots of people are distracted these days. I am one of those people. I know myself and so there are tools to use to keep you from going off and doing useless things in the day like Facebook or Reddit.

The best thing you can do for yourself and your goals are to setup your work environment to help you keep from distraction. The two big things I use are a Pomodoro timer (see resource below) and a Chrome extension that won’t let me go to social media sites. 

Try this one: http://www.workmode.org/

How to Prioritize

If you are clear about what you want to have happen, then picking the priority should be a matter of sticking to your strategy. Most people know the right things to do, they just get distracted from doing them!

I also like to tell people what it is I’m going to do with a date attached to it. That puts a fire under me that makes me sure to do the right things today and this week!

My daily plan is very simple. Take an 8 X 11 sheet of paper and write down the 3-4 things you have to get done today. I do that for my month, my week and my day. It’s super simple.


“Say no to a lot and yes to a little.”


One Thing

If you could do only one thing tomorrow, I would tell you to go talk to your customer. Do it in person if possible. We spend so much time looking at screens and data that we lose site of who it is we are talking to. Qualitative data will always outperform quantitative.


Business_40 Agenda


Pomodoro Technique –  From the Cirillo Company

Book recommendation – “Good Strategy, Bad Strategy”

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