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Dan Shure is an excellent SEO consultant. Recently we crossed path on and he had a nice long post about how he was revisiting the way he ran his business. He was really transparent with matching up his skills sets with his business struggles. This got me thinking – what a great person to talk to about clarity and focus.


“Are you even on the right path?? “


What are current challenges?

I spent years using the traditional model of monthly retainers and it just caused anxiety for me and the clients! I would lovingly refer to it as recurring anxiety. With my new outlook on how I deliver value to clients I’m trying to figure how to best communicate to my clients. 

It can be tough to kick the tendencies to go retainer, deliver a big audit, then deliver a huge deck at the end of our engagement. That’s what people tend to expect but I want to change that so people can get better value from me and my natural strengths.

How do you stay on task?

I stick to the work that has be done that day. When you know yourself well, it becomes apparent where things come crashing down. If there are no preset client meetings on my schedule then I forget things.

So I prefer to talk weekly with clients instead of monthly so there is no this built up tension around ‘the next deliverable’. The 80/20 principle has completely changed the way I think about almost everything in life. Definitely read the 80/20 principle.

How do you stay accountable?

Much like staying on task, I lose 90% of the accountability battle if I don’t have the next step with myself or the client scheduled. It perpetuates into procrastination and lack of follow-up and is no good for anybody!

I used to sign on the dotted line with a new client and there was no next step on the schedule. That happened over and over for 5 years to my chagrin. Now I know that I deliver best on video and very verbal with my outputs. Knowing my strength helps me stay accountable because it’s a lot more comfortable.

One Thing

If you do one thing tomorrow to get more productive, then start with the physical world. Whether it’s sleep, nutrition, exercise, “my car’s a mess”, so that thing tomorrow.  Just clean your car!

It’s a built in mental hurdle when you have things undone, cluttered, left unfinished. You can’t do your best work when your physical world is out of whack.



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