Episode 3: One Hundred Concepts

This week I talked with Joe Jacobi the Olympic gold medalist in slalom canoeing from the 1992 Madrid Olympic games.  Among a string of whitewater and canoe championships, he was named ‘paddler of the century’ in 2000 by Paddler Magazine.  What can an elite paddler teach you about productivity in business?

A heck of a lot. Click to listen to our 30 minute chat about morning rituals, different types of practice, and doing the 5 minute checkup.

“Once you make the gold medal the focus, you are effectively trying to control you competitors performance.”


jacobi-mediaWhat do you start with to make today more productive?

Mornings are an important part of every person I’ve talked to about why they are successful. Joe is no different and make self investment the pivotal part of every morning, so he is prepared and focused for what is ahead of him that day.


How are you so productive when you travel all the time?

Joe has lived in 3 cities since the beginning of 2016 and says that he just runs the same playbook from a different locker room. Being on the road actually helps him reduce the less important things in his day and open himself up to more creative thought consistently.

How do you bring athletic lessons from the water into business?

Tiny adjustments are something people miss. Often Joe will mix up his exercise routine to include things that require different kinds of focus. Running makes you look for tiny adjustments to improve the run. Whitewater rafting requires extreme focus just to stay on task. He says there are over a 100 paddle strokes he can use just to get through a run in the rough rapids.

What is the one thing you could tell people on how to improve their journey towards mastery?

Virtuosos of the piano spend time everyday practicing the basic piano scales. The very basics are part of every day’s practice towards mastery. As one of my mentors once said – “Never leave the basics”

Joe laid out a plan for the first 5 minutes of your day to make you perform better, no matter who you are. Listen to the conclusion of the podcast to get the secret!

Resources Discussed:

Joe Jacobi’s Website – http://jacobimedia.com/joejacobi/Business_40 Agenda

Team USA Canoe/Kayak Website

Amateurs vs Professionals Article – James Clear

OKC Whitewater Rafting Park – Riversport Adventures


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