Episode 4: Sales Productivity

Today I talked with business development extraordinaire Timothy Smith.

Tim is a multi-media baby and spent the better part of the 90s and 00s breaking ground with large agencies and his own company, helping businesses tell better stories with media. His passion is helping people find better ways to communicate with their customers and internal teams through media.

We talked about how in a business development position it is critical to have a process to keep you on pace with your objectives.

“Think about what will help your customers get more of their customers.”


Start the day with objectives

Tasks are something you do to pass the time, objectives are step towards success. Every morning should begin with something to bring you closer to the result you want.

Work a process

When problems arise having a plan to fall back on is absolutely what keeps you focused. Otherwise every small distraction can take off on a course away from your objectives.

Be genuinely curious

The more you ask questions, the more you try to dig into an experience, the more people will reveal information they really are worried about and a solution normally shakes out of that.

Sales call example with Tim

We dig into a customer curiosity and Tim shows us how he gets people to chat about the problem.

The One thing

Take the time today to understand your target persona. If you knew what that person looked like, you could be successful going to Google to find them and start a conversation, because you would know you have something they care about.

Resources Discussed:

Lead Forensics.com – LinkBusiness_40 Agenda

Steadfast Creative Website



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