Episode 6: Business Ownership – Ricky Anderson II

My interview today included the owner of Take Two Productions, and video director/producer Ricky Anderson II.

Ricky spends his days and nights creating cool, fun, and educational videos for businesses and his own brand. We talked about how he not only markets for his clients on a daily basis, but keeps his own brand growing.

“My environment is what keeps me most focused….and coffee.”



My Top 6 List

If you are not focused on just a few things for the day then you will GUARANTEED get distracted. Ricky uses a list of priorities each morning he plans around his project goals. Working on items that move the ball forward is his morning planning goal.

video-directorVisualizing the End Result

The great thing about loving your work is being excited about the work. Knowing what you want the project to look like at the end is a great way to keep moving towards a successful outcome.

Manage Expectations

This is something that is easier said than done. Spending time everyday helping clients, partners and vendors understand what the best outcome for the week is, helps everyone do more meaningful tasks and be more satisfied with where they stand.

Critical. To. Success.


Ricky is the type of person who really loves deadlines. The best accountability for him is setting deadlines for himself whether they are “real” or not. Artificial deadlines can help keep the engine running!

The One Thing: Delegate!

Believe it or not Ricky loves to delegate things like editing videos that he shoots. As professionals it can be tough to let go of the things you like doing so that you can focus on the things you love doing. The more time you spend in your talent areas, the better your business can grow.

Resources Discussed:

Coffitivity.com – Link

Business_40 Agenda

Craig Groeschel Podcast – iTunes Link

Take Two Productions Website



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