Episode 7: One Thing – Paul Kostial

I spoke with Paul Kostial, the President of Audience Innovation.com.

Paul spends his time and energy creating awesome and effective marketing campaigns for magazine covers. He has a very specific focus around this medium because he knows it works well. This is great insight to a concept he believes many over look.

“Focus on one thing to be great at, and your business and results will speak for themselves. When I narrowed down to magazines alone, my sales tripled!”



First things first.

Believe it or not getting the hard things first works really well! Stephen Covey always said first things first. If you know what you want to accomplish for the day then you can do ‘first things first’

End of Day

Everyday is an opportunity to move the ball forward. Do you assess your tasks and activity at the end of each day to see if you stayed focused? For Paul and team clients always come first.

Communicate Expectations

This is something that is easier said than done. Spending time everyday helping clients, partners and vendors understand what the best outcome for the week is, helps everyone do more meaningful tasks and be more satisfied with where they stand.

Critical. To. Success.

Attitude = Your Outlook

It becomes much easier to stay on task for your day when you have a positive mental outlook. Not just a sunny, happy disposition, but a actual intention to make the day productive and positive.


The One Thing: Get rid of some eggs in the basket

Paul lives by the philosophy in business that you should strive to be the very best in just one thing. If you have too many eggs in your basket then you are more challenged to stay focused, move towards success and be happy with your day.

Resources Discussed:

Steven Covey – Website LinkBusiness_40 Agenda

Audience Innovation – Website Link


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