Episode 8: Asking Better Questions – Krista Kotrla

This week I had the pleasure of speaking with Vice President of Marketing at Block Imaging, Krista Kotrla. She is passionate about communication, content and asking great questions of those around us to do more meaningful work each day.

The cool thing about Krista is that she not only does a great job communicating how her days are successful, but she continues to challenge her team to get better.

“Discipline equals freedom”



speaking-kotrlaWhat do you start with to make today more productive?

Each night Krista thinks about what can we do as a team tomorrow to ‘make progress in meaningful work’.

That applies to her role, her mangers and her whole team.

How do promote progress without being bossy?

Ask your team members Who is this work impacting today? Who is the human on the other side? What does this work enable them to due in their life?

My one hack.

“So that.”

Use it, ask it, end an email with it. Always have a ‘so that’ to go with your conversations. People like to know why the request comes in and how it can improve their future.

What are the biggest challenges in keeping on course?

Keeping proactive vs reactive by not responding to loudest and closest things around you. We can solve a lot of these distractions by getting curious and asking  ‘What can I do about this?’

  1. Stopping and getting out of overwhelm.
  2. Get really clear about if it contributes to meaningful work
  3. Finding out what the real underlying problem is by asking good questions
  4. Break it down to smaller steps if necessary to get movement on it today

Taking out the think.

How can you create routines or processes that take the think out your day? The more things you can do that don’t require you to think, the more you can stretch in other areas of your day.

A great example is using templates for activities you do nearly the same way every time.

Resources Discussed:

Krista Kotrla’s Website – http://www.kristakotrla.com/Business_40 Agenda

Marcus Sheridan – The Sales Lion

‘The Progress Principle’ – Website

‘Influence’ by- Robert Chialdini



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