Episode 9: Planning for Success – Josh Peak

The guest on our show this week is Digital Agency owner Josh Peak. Josh is a entrepreneur that loves to dig in with clients and help them see success. With a background in athletics and kids that wrestle, he has a passion for discipline in the path to success.


“I have 4 things to do everyday, and I just always get them done”




What do you start with to make today more productive?

The day starts with discipline.

Scripture, meditation, workout and then pre-planned activities. I work out of my house but have assistants from different areas to help me get things done.

How do stay focused on your path to results on a day to day basis?

My wife helped me become more ‘productive’ – I was a procrastinator, and unorganized. So now I develop plan night before. 4 things – something to do, something to write, someone to call, someone to see – get those things to the finish line everyday  


When challenges arise how do you deal with it?

I come from the service industry and that makes me give a little too much away sometimes.

So I take that mentality our of my business and give way to my passion in coaching wrestling, or whatever. Things inside the business are not the ones that typically distract me

Who keeps you accountable?

My wife is a huge part of keeping me accountable, and got me out of procrastination and where I am today. Also my virtual assistants are great accountability people. If there is no work for them to do, then I need to go get more things for them to work on!

What’s the one thing you would tell the listener to do tomorrow if they could only pick one?

1. Put a plan together

2. Hire yourself a coach

I couldn’t pick one 🙂


Resources Discussed:Business_40 Agenda

Josh Peak – http://www.joshpeak.com/

Socratic Method – Critical Thinking

Jeffrey Magee – Leadership Training


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