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Often the biggest opportunities to create more leverage and revenue in business is just by stopping. Stop doing stupid things. Stop doing low priority things, and ideally stop doing low income things. That’s what I talk about with Eli Hochberg today.


“I’m a super millennial in that I see where the world is going and just want to makes things easier for people.”


There is a lot of opportunity in systems without ever jumping into the artificial intelligence and cool new tech like that. Often three simple steps can help people get more out of their day right away.

Setup a Strategy

If you know what it is that you are trying to accomplish, then there is likely a system and a strategy for it somewhere. Ask around or call someone you know and find out who is having some success with a certain strategy. 

Make sure to drop all the other strategies around that problem though and give one a fair shot by itself. They are put together work as a process, not blend with other stuff.

You wouldn’t do that to a recipe – it would come out weird! 

Commit to a Brand

Eli wears the same thing every day.

That’s commitment! It’s the simple things though that help people get attached to you. Commitment and consistency around your process, your strategy, your message, your look – they all contribute to who you are in your client’s eyes.

I always say if you show up every day and are consistent with your message then you are ahead of 90% of your competition.

Time Block

It seems like such a simple thing to do but many people are too distracted to concentrate on work. Sounds funny doesn’t it? But the people who will be in highest demand in the future will be the ones that can do what Cal Newport calls ‘Deep Work’.

Schedule the things that are important to making money, and DO THEM. 

Eli likes to put them on his calendar in blocks of time. He mentioned a few tools he uses to keep focus in the episode. They are listed in the resources section below!


Eli has collaborated with a couple other guys to share how they have built a consistent flow of new connections and leads through LinkedIn. 

Watch the video to learn more!



Motivated by Value

A great thing about being a millennial is that we tend to be motivated by value. We are not that motivated by money. We would rather live in a small flat in New York and work for someone that is going to change the world. – Or start something ourselves 🙂

The One Thing:

The people that get things done know how to focus. Put down your phone for and hour and JUST work.Schedule your work time and go to town.

Also, make sure to really niche down. It’s more important than ever to know exactly who it is you are trying to help!


Freedom - productivity tool to block you from using websites for certain periods

Off Time - productivity tool to track time spent and monitor activity on your phone

30 Day LinkedIn Content Plan -

Deep Work by Cal Newport



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