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We all have strengths and weaknesses. The way we use those skills greatly changes the course of your conversations, your career and your life. Today I talked with Andrew McKinney about taking the time in life to understand those characteristics and how to use quiet to utilize them better.

“I used to impose the wisdom onto another person without the filter of uniqueness of that person”



This is something that is just part of my life. I realize that as a ‘campaigner’ personality that I will alwyas have my ears open for ideas, however – “It takes 15 minutes to get back into a productive mindset once someone has distracted you.”

That will wreck your day and week if you let it. There has got to be a process to get yourself on task and stay there for long enough to get stuff done.



Three things I have to have to make my life balanced:

Quiet, Rest and Mentorship. In each of these areas I have people and things to keep me true to what I say to myself. I end up being my own worst enemy a lot of times by not listening to my wife and mentors. Often they are just reflecting back things that I have told them about myself!


Took some advice from a mentor and took the 16 personality test. (Meyers-Brigg) That caused me to see the whole world in an entirely different way. 

It taught me:

  • People REALLY aren’t the same as me.
  • I have to meet them where they are at!

My relationships started leveling up all over the place. My wife, my boss, my friends, my family. Now I can really try to understand where they are coming from and have a conversation with real empathy. 

This helps a ton in business as well. When you know where your clients are focused on from their personality level, it makes the quality of your actions seem even more excellent to them.

One Thing

If I had one hour tomorrow to produce results, I would go heavy on the qualitative actions. And what I mean by that is research the people you are going to talk with, personalize the data and the questions you want to ask. Go all out to make sure they realize you brought your best work to the table today. 

That makes all the diffence in life.


Andrew is on LinkedIn

He talked about the 16 Personalities Test (Meyers-Briggs)

A book called ​"Quiet" by Susan Cain

We discussed the personality tool 'Crystal'


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