Jerry Springer EDU - Reena Friedman Watts - Episode 26


Rather listen to the episode?

Often the best advice comes in the form of elementary school lessons. Taking the time to slow down and listen has been a big booster for Reena Friedman Watts. She knows that all the time she spent listening to potential guests as a producer on The Jerry Springer show prepared her to be an awesome sales person.


“Keep your eyes shut and your ears open because listening almost always gives you a more accurate description.”


The opportunity often lies underneath all the words you are trying to spit at people. It could be time to just just it.

Lessons in Listening

When you screen 1,500 phone calls a week, you learn real quickly how to separate the liars from the lunatics. In Reena’s case, as producer of Jerry Springer, she really wanted the lunatics. The liars would tell good stories, but they couldn’t keep it together enough for a whole TV show. 

She learned two things:

  • Listen first
  • Ask for action

Dealing with Distraction

The two main things people deal with these days are too much on their plate, and too much technology temptation. Reena goes with the classic ‘Eat That Frog’ mentality to get the important stuff done. 

If you are not familiar it’s a lot like when your personal trainer at the gyms tells you to work on your weak arm first. You don’t ever want to do the hard stuff… start with it – get it out of the way!

When it comes to tech, LinkedIn is the big distraction for business people. 

Get out in front of that distraction. Use apps to block times of day. Look for potential clients, look for people that you might be able to help grow their business.

It’s all in your intention when logging on 🙂

The One Thing:

If you have 1 hour to get leads, conversions, sales or results of any kind, then reach out to the people that know you. Why spend time begging strangers to give you a cold shot, when someone you now likely can make an introduction already?



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