Why is it that some marketing plans never leave the starting line?

Why do some plans randomly plateau after lots of hard work?

Why hasn’t your marketing plan grown like you expected?


To be productive in marketing you need the right fuel. Every high performance engine requires high octane, specially formulated fuel to run every time it starts. Your marketing plan is no different.

The purpose of fuel is to explode and create motion in a small space. This motion starts small but pushes the right assembly of parts into a process that moves a large, heavy vehicle. Once the vehicle is in motion, it keeps feeding the engine so the things can keep moving.

Without fuel there is no motion.

Your business needs fuel to create motion in your target market as well. This comes in the form of customer needs.

Customer Personas

Starting with your perfect¬†target in mind is how you can be sure you are doing things in your marketing plan that will bring you killer results. It’s the equivalent of using high octane fuel in a racecar.

Have you ever experienced a totally irrelevant ad on Youtube or in your Facebook feed?

I’m a conservative, married guy in my late 30’s with young kids. For some reason a company paid to show me this ad on Youtube.


Pretty ridiculous right?

Unless they were just telling me to buy items for my wife then they totally missed the mark. Or I missed the hint ūüėČ

Starting a marketing campaign without working on your customer personas is like grabbing tractor gasoline for your Ferrari. It’s actually harmful.

The only way to be productive long term in producing extremely relevant new customer leads is to pick the right fuel from the start.

Do you budget for fuel in your vehicle? Of course!

Do you ever stop using fuel? Not if you can help it.

Understanding your business’ fuel (the customer need) is the basis for success in the¬†the ENTIRE remainder of your program.

Ever wonder why high performance cars like F1 or Nascar require high octane fuel? The higher the octane, the quicker the fuel burns. The quicker it burns, the faster the car can get and stay moving quickly.

The more you know about your customer’s needs, the better you can send messages to them that resonate. Then they get moving quicker – like a racecar.

Here are three outstanding resources to figure out how to improve what fuels your marketing plan from the ground up.

BufferApp has a nice Beginner’s Guide To Personas

Hubspot also has a good guide on How to Create Personas

ConversionXL is an expert in creating Customer Personas with Real Data

Take the time to review¬†your business and it’s best customer no matter where you stand¬†today.


Once you have the right fuel, it’s time to look at your strategy.

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