Process for Progress

The road to results is lined with discipline.

All along the way we run into opportunities to leave the process we know works, or become distracted by shiny objects to throw us off path completely.

It’s no secret that a disciplined process that is laid on top of a thought out marketing strategy is a formula for success.

So why get off process?

If you plan to build a race car to win a certain set of races, you always start with a set of parts. If the race is your customers, and the plans for the race car are your strategy – the car parts are your process.


When your engine is attached to a driveshaft and then attached to the wheels, you have something that can move.

If you add suspension for bumps and a differential for sliding, then things start getting really in shape.

Then you add an exterior with a spoiler, you have a car that can really compete.

Process for Gain

So how do you know which process is most important to your marketing plan? How do you know where to build out for revenue growth, not just more efficiency?

Check out the ‘Process’ section of the blog for experts insight on how to get improve your process.

If you need help right away consider contacting me for an audit.

The good news is once you have a process in place, it becomes easy to know which tools you need to become faster.


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