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Episode 10: Spend to Earn – Tyler Nelson


The guest on our show this week is entrepreneur and Amazon seller Tyler Nelson. Tyler has a unique lifestyle that allows him to spend time at home or on the road and continue to run a business. The amazing thing about what he does is, what many people do as a way to spend their paychecks, he uses […]

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Episode 4: Sales Productivity


Today I talked with business development extraordinaire Timothy Smith. Tim is a multi-media baby and spent the better part of the 90s and 00s breaking ground with large agencies and his own company, helping businesses tell better stories with media. His passion is helping people find better ways to communicate with their customers and internal teams […]

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Process for Gain


The road to results is lined with discipline. All along the way we run into opportunities to leave the process we know works, or become distracted by shiny objects to throw us off path completely. It’s no secret that a disciplined process that is laid on top of a thought out marketing strategy is a […]

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