Episode 14: A Productive Launch – Alex Moss

Today I spoke with entrepreneur, video producer and owner of TacticalArtbitrage.com, Alex Moss. In our time we talked about taming the chaos of life in the workday of a business owner.

Alex was smack dab in the middle of starting a software solution when sickness hit his family right between the eyes.

We discussed how he pulled through, how he got himself back on the productivity rails, and how he turned an idea into a successfully marketed subscription service!

“For every spoonful of analysis there should be some organic action.”



What is productive to you?

Two steps forward and one step back. Everything we do is a marathon not a sprint. So I take moments to breathe and unwind and regularly get away. This is when the best break throughs happen.

How do stay focused on your path to results on a day to day basis?

I like to use some of Tim Ferriss’ methods like email blocks, The Pomadori Technique (25 method work sessions), and lots of delegation to virtual assistants (VAs)

arbitrage software 

When challenges arise (distraction, change, confidence) how do you deal with it?

My father got sick last year and the priorities changed. It taught me a lesson about life’s chaos, that it will be there no matter what. There is a continued grit or perseverance that can come out of those times.

Also I’m not afraid to ask lots of questions to a community online I’m in and get research.  Having great company around you helps tremendously.

Who keeps you accountable?

There a few systems that keep me in place and my family keeps me accountable to be a good provider. At the end of the day I had put nearly $50,000 before my father got sick, so it became a financial challenge to claw my way back as well.

What’s the one thing you would tell the listener to do tomorrow if they could only pick one?

Hug your family! For every paralysis of analysis situation, do some real organic action.

Business_40 Agenda

Virtual Assistants – Upwork

Pomodoro Technique

Tactical Arbitrage – Website



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