How Do I Know What Marketing is Working?


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This week we are adding a new feature to the show and blog. Based on all the cool things we are learning from our awesome guests, some of the listeners have asked for some more practical application.

So we launched a YouTube show this week to answer specific questions and practical application of the concepts being discussed. I’m super excited to expand on the topics around what the best of the best are doing to make their marketing more successful.

The first concept we are covering (per popular demand) is:

“How Do I Know What Marketing is Working?”


Posting content, running ads and talking on social media has become a checklist activity. The problem with task list is often that we forget why we started the list in the first place. This is the situation we find ourselves in with many marketing activities anymore.

Why do you pot on social media pages?

Is it to educate, inform and create possible conversations? The problem is that most people wither don’t know, or have forgotten.

When you put out informative content, you should have a purpose in mind. You should make declarations to your potential clients that make then curious, compelled and challenged.


Some people are talented at getting attention online.

This is a great talent to have, but if that’s all you are trying to accomplish then you might as well go work for buzzfeed.

In the process of trying to be cute and clever it can be easy to forget the reason we wanted the attention in the first place. Our goal should always be to speak to the aspirations of our potential customers. There is no greater way to keep and progress a conversation than to talk about someone besides yourself.

Research the 4-6 steps that people go through when they aspire to solve an issue. That becomes the framework for your very best marketing campaigns!



You got someone’s attention and spoke about what they want to accomplish. Once you have the opportunity to make real contact with someone, that’s when the conversation about conversions normally comes up online.

The hard part about that is we aren’t always sure where the customer stands once they leave the web. Customers do 65-90% of their research for an answer before they even talk to you! (Depending on which study you read)

So the goal the entire time, not just at the end – is to have a relevant conversation! The trick becomes when you get invited by your audience?


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