Guest Host: Tracy Timm Interviews Me

Tracy Timm

We are doing things in reverse this week.

My friend Tracy Timms specialized in helping people get into the career the matches their natural skill sets, and gets people fired up to get to working. She also has an amazing podcast that digs into peoples journey from bored or trapped to excited and energized. Here, I’ll let her describe it herself:

“Here’s the story they don’t tell you. There are no “meteoric rises” to the top. There are no “overnight sensations.” Everyone has struggles and challenges they have overcome.

The purpose of this podcast is to shed light on the parts of our stories that we don’t tell — to show everyone that transformation is possible if we work for it. This is the place to demystify the whole idea of transforming your life and defining success on your own terms. Here you’ll hear stories to ignite your heart, renew your spirit, and equip you to chase your dreams, knowing you are not alone.”

I was so honored to share my journey on her show recently. Hope you find something you resonate with, and it inspires you to get back up and keep fighting! 

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