Consulting Services

"Companies Hire Me to Audit Their Current

Content Marketing Campaigns, Show them

Missed Opportunities, and Train Their

Teams to Execute More Effectively."


Search Engine Optimization is not a service, but a best practice. Find out what it takes to be SEO friendly in your content efforts.


Ads should serve to put the right message in the right place, at the right time. Any platform can create attention if it's done correctly.


People want to hear from you. The key is to give them what they want, not what you think. Do you know how to find that?


Online success relies on building relationships. Tactics that are effective  run out quickly if you don't have a serving people first approach.

SEO/SEM Services

"We conduct audits to current

organic and paid traffic campaigns, 

show you missed opportunities,

and fix current issues and roadblocks."

  • Audit
  • Strategy

At the end of the day you need someone who not only can execute well, but understands why they are doing it. We optimize your setup and campaign structure, and teach your team how to find opportunities moving forward. 

Customers are now almost fully control of the purchase process in most industries. The way we treated search in the past is almost 100% different today. The good news is now we can treat people like people, instead of search results to get eyes on our sites, and build long-term organic revenue opportunities.

Content Services

"We create content marketing campaigns

with touch points that meet people 

where they are. The right message, 

on the right platform, at the right time."

  • Research 
  • Planning
  • Creation

We have access to experience and talented designers and copywriters to help you finish and publish the outstanding plans we've made for your online footprint.

Many clients already have access to smart people and resources to start and improve their content marketing efforts. We supply support and training in content marketing to help you get traction no matter what the size of your resource pool is. 


"We help you find opportunities for influence

in the online space for your message,

  to grow your company's awareness and

increase the amount of revenue for your brand.

  • Discovery
  • Building
  • Follow-Up

The less glamorous, but extremely important step is the follow-up. Everyone is busy these days, so we train you around pushing up requests, reminders and events with potential partners, so that your message stays top of mind.

Creating relationships is critical to making content lead to revenue. Most people today spend hours on creating content, and very little time on promoting. This is a backwards approach, and organic and paid promotion is the silver bullet most people miss. We train and support your team in finding the right people to reach out to, and how to stay top of mind.

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