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Episode 19: Everyone Hates Marketers – Louis Grenier

Louis G

Episode 19: Everyone Hates Marketers – Louis Grenier Rather listen to the episode? Summary Do you get frustrated as a customer always being treated like a transaction instead of a person? Today I speak with Louis Grenier, who is the host of the podcast ‘Everyone Hates Marketers’. Somewhere along the way most of us get tired […]

Why Aren’t My Visitors Converting?

Why Aren’t My Visitors Converting? [DISPLAY_ULTIMATE_PLUS]   Today we discuss a problem that affects almost everyone with a business. Your website’s main function in life should be to act as a sales tool. Often we get caught up in getting new traffic and making sure we are well represented on social media. What matters way more, […]

What Should I Blog About?

 Episode 17: What Should I Blog About? [DISPLAY_ULTIMATE_PLUS]   This week we discuss the bane of anyone that has been in charge of a blog. No matter how long you have been writing content for a website you come to a point where you ask the question: You should always start with the things potential […]

How Do I Know What Marketing is Working?

How Do I Know?

How Do I Know What Marketing is Working? I launched a YouTube show last year to answer specific questions that kept coming up with clients. There are 10-12 that always seem to come up at some point in conversation. The first concept we are covering (per popular demand) is: Declarations Posting content, running ads and talking […]

Episode 15: No Zero Days – Mouyyad Abdulhadi


Today I spoke with entrepreneur, business owner and marketer Mouyyad Abulhadi. We got down to the nitty gritty parts of what makes his day tick. Mouyyad spends a lot of time working on passions inside and outside of his 9-5. Although different requirements are necessary for his work, his habits don’t change much across them. We discussed what […]

Episode 13: Sales vs Marketing – John Hill


Today I spoke with partner and head of business development for, John Hill about how his reliance on habits and technology can make him more effective. In our chat we talked specifically around how to make effective decisions when reviewing your effectiveness at the beginning and end of each day through different exercises like journaling and vision […]

Episode 12: The Search for Growth – Nate Plaunt


The guest on our show this week a friend of mine from past agency life Nate Plaunt. Nathan is a senior strategist for Three Deep Marketing and leads a team in organic and paid search campaigns. In our chat we talked specifically around how to make effective decisions when creating SEO strategy. There is so you can […]

Five Minute Friday: “So That” – Krista Kotrla


[podcast src=”” height=”90″ width=”450″] I love it when a real marketer tells me they have “two magic words” to improve things for their business productivity – because they mean it! That was the case this week when I talked to Krista Kotrla about her two magic words – SO THAT. Fins out how I used […]

Episode 8: Asking Better Questions – Krista Kotrla


This week I had the pleasure of speaking with Vice President of Marketing at Block Imaging, Krista Kotrla. She is passionate about communication, content and asking great questions of those around us to do more meaningful work each day. The cool thing about Krista is that she not only does a great job communicating how her days […]

Five Minute Friday: One Thing – Paul Kostial


[podcast src=”” height=”90″ width=”450″] Telling an idea minded entrepreneur to only focus on one thing is like kryptonite. “How am I supposed to just turn off all these ideas? Well that’s how I felt this week after talking with Paul Kostial, who is an ultra focused guy. So I swallowed the urge to chalk the episode […]