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Clarity and Confidence – Joey Chandler– Episode 22


Clarity and Confidence – Joey Chandler – Episode 22 Rather listen to the episode? Joey Chandler has turned over a new leaf in his life. After five years hearing people give praise and encouragement to others, it rubbed off on him. He started to understand how clarity and confidence drove to do things he thought were […]

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Episode 19: Everyone Hates Marketers – Louis Grenier

Louis G

Episode 19: Everyone Hates Marketers – Louis Grenier Rather listen to the episode? Summary Do you get frustrated as a customer always being treated like a transaction instead of a person? Today I speak with Louis Grenier, who is the host of the podcast ‘Everyone Hates Marketers’. Somewhere along the way most of us get tired […]

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Why Don’t People Engage With My Content?


Why Don’t People Engage With My Content? [DISPLAY_ULTIMATE_PLUS]   I once started a blog about coffee beans – to sell coffee beans on Amazon. That idea was naive and failed. Then I started a blog on fitness so I could sell personal training sessions to people locally. That also failed miserably. Finally I started a blog […]

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Why Aren’t My Visitors Converting?


Why Aren’t My Visitors Converting? [DISPLAY_ULTIMATE_PLUS]   Today we discuss a problem that affects almost everyone with a business. Your website’s main function in life should be to act as a sales tool. Often we get caught up in getting new traffic and making sure we are well represented on social media. What matters way more, […]

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What Should I Blog About?

What should I blog about

 Episode 17: What Should I Blog About? [DISPLAY_ULTIMATE_PLUS]   This week we discuss the bane of anyone that has been in charge of a blog. No matter how long you have been writing content for a website you come to a point where you ask the question: You should always start with the things potential […]

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Marketing Fuel


Why is it that some marketing plans never leave the starting line? Why do some plans randomly plateau after lots of hard work? Why hasn’t your marketing plan grown like you expected? Fuel. To be productive in marketing you need the right fuel. Every high performance engine requires high octane, specially formulated fuel to run […]

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Marketing Tools


Do marketing tools get in the way or help? The answer is yes…they can do both. Tools are only as good as the people using them. In my search engine optimization (SEO) background you could have 3 people use the same keyword tool to find popular search terms. The results you got from the keyword […]

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Marketing Strategy


Most people who work on marketing strategy fall into three camps. They skip it altogether They breeze through it quickly to get to implementation faster They start with a good strategy but veer off course when they hit a bump in the road All three courses of action lead to the same end result. Failure. […]

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