Marketing Strategy

Most people who work on marketing strategy fall into three camps.

  1. They skip it altogether
  2. They breeze through it quickly to get to implementation faster
  3. They start with a good strategy but veer off course when they hit a bump in the road

All three courses of action lead to the same end result. Failure.

Let’s look at at one of the best marketing strategies ever to grace the marketplace. The Nike “Just Do It” campaign.


For many people my age (35-45) this symbol represents what you thought you could be as an athlete. Nike knew their audience well and what they aspired to be. They knew the struggles of the weekend warrior and built their marketing strategy around that bedrock.

As the campaign aged, they stuck with what they knew about their customer but adjusted the marketing strategy to tell the stories better.


After 25+ years of tapping into our emotions and goading us on to greatness they reminded us of the ride we had taken together through a celebrity ad with Kobe Bryant. Once again they stuck with the strategy that worked and found a way to make it relevant.


The point is that when you take the time to get your strategy right the first time you only have to revisit it through your process to fine tune.

So how is your marketing process?