Video on Steriods - Jason Croft - Episode 24


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We live in a world of video and multimedia at your fingertips. With technology being as cheap and accessible as ever, there is very little excuse not to get your team involved. Especially when our guest today Jason Croft thinks:


“When you have your own platform, it’s like cold calling on steroids”



It’s important to find something that gives you passion to help you keep moving towards progress and success. For me that started in film, and then one day that valve just shut off. But creativity has a way of finding new outlets, and that was video production for business.

How to Use Video Today

Most people miss the mark when they try something the first time because they don’t aim for something really tangible.

Why do you want to do video?

Most people don’t know that answer. Then often enjoy the process and often don’t get the results they are hearing about. You can’t just record testimonials and call it a day. There are tons of options for video – but they are based on your goals

The best way for ANYONE to make money quickly from video? Get in front of the person you want to have a conversation with – and making them the focal point. That can be clients or influencers that can bring you more revenue quickly!

Jason mentions in the episode that you can create a lead generation video show just by modifying your typical sales conversation into a set of questions.

Genius right? 

He offered up the following cheat sheet on great sales minded questions to create a podcast or interview show. 

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photo of outline


Video for SEO

Creating content around common questions is a great place to start in video for potential customers. If the content is put up in the right spots and optimized correctly, it can create valuable organic traffic over time.

These include FAQs but also some of the ‘Should Ask Questions’. It’s a great way to educate customers why they need you and still help with their own queries.

It also creates a type of celebrity status that is just a subconscious win.

People will see you at events that you were invisible at before, and instead, seek you out to talk with you about your advice!

Common Roadblocks

  • How do I find more good content to film?
  • I don’t have budget for everything
  • How do I share these?
  • Recycling content
  • Getting social media support

How do I get My Videos Seen?

YouTube optimization.

  • Put them up, do keyword research, read a blog on how to do it.

Social Media sharing on a schedule.

  • Don’t just share them once, put them on a schedule to reshare all year!

Re-use in partnerships.

  • You created great content, use it in numerous situations that make sense.


  • Find someone that believes in your message and share with their audience.

Guest post with same content.

  • Publications love video too. Re-edit to use again there.

Pay/Sponsor for impressions.

  • The best way to find out if your video hits the mark with your audience.


Do this:

Be consistent, create content for people to see you

Document your process, don’t plan landmark pieces so often

Use video to interview current clients

Add a call to action! -Doesn’t need to be one that says “Buy Me”


The One Thing:

If you could only do one thing today to get video working for you it would be – Pickup your phone and make a video.

Even if you don’t share it with anyone. But you should start a show or interview people and collaborate. It builds business. Period.


My name is Jake and I love seeing the spark in people as they overcome an obstacle and grow! So I created the Productive Point of View to interview people that overcome challenges and grow their business. So pull up a chair, grab a beverage, listen and SUBSCRIBE!. -Jake