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Tanner is a swiss army knife of online media. He loves to create ‘Edutainment’ for evergreen subject matters. You can create higher quality production and spend a little more money, but it lasts for more than this years budget!


“I got tired of just being good enough at my job to meet some other person’s expectations”


Be You

You can create a translator or ‘swiss army’ position in today’s market if you have a varied skill set. Many companies don’t have the siloed very specific job position they used to.

I found out it’s possible to carve out something based on your experience and the company’s current needs.

If there is going to be a version of this translator role then there is going to be a good version and a bad version. The good version is going to work to make connections and work flow, not shut things down.

Self Improvement

Turning my skills into a job made me realize that I needed to figure out how to manage myself better. Things like mindfulness and smart schedules were going to be essential.

What I realized when going through my own inventory of skills was that it wasn’t as much about what I did. The difference between people that get stuff done and those that don’t is – You just do it. Haha.  Seems really simple, but that’s the big difference! (Eat That Frog reference)

Upping Your Game

I started making little bets with myself – ramifying things for myself – because I hate the push it harder, just get tougher mentality, I think it’s stupid.

When I made my day job the budget and freelance as a way to level up, it freed me up mentally to be myself. Now I could free up my brain to do creative work and not worry about pounding the pavement for my bills

The One Thing

You don’t have to ‘push past’ issues all the time.

Sometimes you just recognize they are there and then find ways to live more successfully WITH them. That self awareness can make a huge difference in your own mental health.

“Having any emotion towards something is not wrong, but how we react out of those emotions is what can be very wrong”

It’s one thing to understand and be self aware – it’s another thing to do something about it.


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