Why Aren’t My Visitors Converting?


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Today we discuss a problem that affects almost everyone with a business.

“Why Aren’t My Visitors Converting?”

Your website’s main function in life should be to act as a sales tool. Often we get caught up in getting new traffic and making sure we are well represented on social media. What matters way more, and should get far more of the focus is – leads.

You may be surprised how easy it is to locate your main problems when you put the hat of your customer on and click through your website with these 4 tips.

Who Are You?

People don’t trust other people they don’t know. There are only two ways to solve that problem online. You either let people get to know you over time with your content or other trustworthy people recommend you.

The content you put out is typically the slower way to earn trust with your clients and industry. The faster way is to get a boost from other people that already have a great reputation.

You want to do both things in the long term.

Either way, make sure you have content that solves your client’s problems and people that will speak to your expertise on your website.


Remove Friction

How can you help me?

Does your site cut right to the chase and tell clients how you remove the emotional friction from their day to day battle in your shared industry.

Too many sites have features and benefits spewed across the pages and take not time to simply tell how they knock down the walls with their solution.


Be Transparent About Competitors

All the data points to the fact that people are going to shop you against other competitors websites. the good news is that most people don’t have an honest assessment of their product or service vs the other guys.

This is where you have an edge.

Be totally up front about your weaknesses and then stress why that doesn’t matter when it comes to solving their problem.

If your product does a great job solving the problem, then you will have people singing your praises and the perceived weaknesses fade away against the social proof and your obvious strengths.


Ask Why

If you really want to blow people away then ask them for brutally honest, then do something with it. While you may not get all the clients all the time… the ones that you take care of will bring you plenty of their friends.

That’s a business that will keep growing.



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