Why Don’t People Engage With My Content?



I once started a blog about coffee beans – to sell coffee beans on Amazon. That idea was naive and failed. Then I started a blog on fitness so I could sell personal training sessions to people locally. That also failed miserably.

Finally I started a blog about productivity and just shared my largest challenge and the solutions I found. That blog did well. I also wasn’t selling anything.

Go figure.

So that brings us to today’s topic.

“Why Aren’t People Engaging With My Visitors Content?”

The lessons I learned from the above attempts to creating engagement were super valuable, and have helped me for years now. There are five things I use for my blog and my client’s content, that really are the framework for successful engagement long term.

Let’s start from the top.

Right Topics?

Picking the correct things to talk about in your content is not super difficult. We often get in our own way here. Most people are looking for answers or entertainment when they search online. More often they stumble into entertainment, and search for answers.

So do some due diligence and find out all the different things customers discuss when talking about your topic.

Get creative.

FAQs are a great place to start, but think outside the box a bit more. What are all the things people ask when they talking with friends and comparing? Check out the video I did on ‘What to Blog About’ if you need more inspiration.


Be Consistent.

If you followed two photographers on Facebook, and one posted 3 times a week, and the other posted 3 times a year, who would you be more likely to recommend to a friend?

Familiarity breeds trust when the message is consistent. Even if you don’t necessarily agree with the message all the time, the photographer who is always around will gain customers.

It’s just a human principle: The person who outlasts the competitors is obviously the best one.

Outlast your competition.


Pay to Test.

Online paid advertising is not just a technique to sell people something when they are searching to buy. One of the BEST uses of paid media is to test the effectiveness and resonance of content. Especially with the opportunities on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Youtube to get your message in front of your exact customer.

In the days we live in (2017) it is entirely possible to pay less than $10 to test two headlines around a subject you know is important to your audience, and pick a winner. This data can be used to title a blog, run ads with more confidence on expensive platforms, and use as headlines in event hand out material – just as a start.


Asking vs Telling.

We spend a lot of time telling people what we think.

The opposite should be true if you want to have a conversation with your customers.

When is the last time you created a piece of content where a question about the customer’s challenges or experience was THE FOCUS of the content?

I bet it’s been awhile. Know why? Because we all think about ourselves first.

So start writing and creating content that has the main focus of getting genuine and honest feedback from your audience. People can tell the difference.



This is one of the biggest opportunities for most brands and businesses. The incredible Jay Abraham believes that your should spend $0 on inbound and direct marketing, and all your resources on referral business.

I can’t say I disagree with the principle. If you want to hear more about that, check out his interview with Lewis Howes here on YouTube.

What is important is that following up with leads, customers, clients, partners, and affiliates is one of the most powerful things you can do to create future engagement with your content.

You should spend time each week responding to the current engagement you get, and returning to those conversations again to see if the challenge was resolved.

What would you think if and expert you asked a question of not only responded with advice, but also checked backed with YOU to see if it worked out? That’s called relationship building, and that breed engagement.

Find time to follow-up.



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